A psychologist has found that Saab drivers have the highest levels of ‘psychological involvement’ with their cars.

After studying 1.2m posts on Motor Talk, Germany’s biggest automotive web forum, psychologist Rüdiger Hossiep reports that Saab drivers are the most emotionally engaged with their cars. They display more than 10 times the passion of the average Volkswagen driver, it was shown.

A similar study from the US on brand communities shows that Saab drivers have created an ownership hierarchy known as ‘Snaabery’. Drivers feel a moral obligation to help fellow Saab owners and create myths around how their cars have saved their lives.

Saab is considered an anti-brand brand for people who resist easy categorisation. Before it was homogenised by General Motors, Saab’s USP was its oddity – from its bubble shapes to unusual gearboxes. Tellingly, of the original 16 Saab creators, only two knew how to drive.

Saab was sadly declared bankrupt earlier this year.



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