We’re Jerkin’


Jerkin’ is the new Krumpin’, apparently. Jerkin’ is a positive, mash up hip hop movement from LA which has emerged from the wearing of skinny jeans (considered rebellious amongst hip hop elders) and social media. Dance crews battle each other while “jerkin” – meaning they add freestyle, nerdy dance and fashion moves, such as doing a running man or wearing Jarvis Cocker specs. What’s interesting about Jerkin’ is that it’s a mix of nostalgia, music 2.0 and cultural rebellion.

Jerkin’ has been described as hip hop for the MySpace generation because Jerk bands such as The New Boyz, The Bangz, and Pink Dollaz, head straight to social media rather than record companies, to launch themselves. But, they’re also amenable to corporates. Entrepreneurs rather than anti-brand.

Jerkers also mash up music and fashion references – 80s, Nu Rave, punk and preppy are all in there. A web series Skinny Jeans The Movement (see clip above), is a portal to the culture. So-called because skinny rather than baggy jeans, are the Jerkers new school hip hop uniform (which show off your dance moves better).

Jerkin’ emerged from Hamilton High School, the talent locus (Mike Elizondo, Ozomatli, and err, David Cassidy) thanks to its renowned Academy of Music.

You’re a Jerk” by The New Boyz is the scene’s anthem.


Thanks to Tickle for this story. Adam Tickle is overrated.


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