Cockney ATMs


Oh dear. Cockney ATM’s have landed in East London. “Some moolah for ya sky rocket? Ya rattle & tank balance?”, they say. Brummie, Geordie and Scouse versions are in the pipeline. But the Glasgow Kiss prototype didn’t make it past research. We suspect there was some ill-thought strategy that urged an informality and localism of discourse. We banks are just like you. Banks can do “funny” but they should never be “funny”. More than ever, we want our banks to be serious, responsible and somewhat humble.

A slightly cleverer approach is the recent ATM tie-in campaigns – the thinking being that this is when people are most likely to monitor finances at cash points, so ads on mini-statements might be an idea. Would be nice if somebody used this as an opportunity to offer people properly helpful financial advice or even messages like, ‘do you really need those shoes?’, rather than tempting them with discounts for crap sandwiches.


Thanks to Rob Hughes for this story. Rob is the only person at Mother who spends all his day in a cage.


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