Eco Wee

The Brazilian conservation group SOS Mata Atlantica has an unusual strategy for saving the planet: peeing in the shower. According to their research, if a household avoided just one toilet flush a day, it would save 12 litres, or 4,380 litres per year.

In the animated spot, which uses humour to engage people, a truly odd array of characters including Gandhi, Michael Jordan, and Stephen Hawking are shown weeing in the shower. At the end of the ad, children narrating in Portuguese yell, “Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic Rainforest!”

Water is the new oil. By 2025, 2 out of 3 people will face water shortages.

“Weeing in the shower – we want everyone to do it! Men, women, kids, Brazilian or not. The nobles & the everyday people.

Musicians, sportsmen, people that are half man half monster. Spooky beings.

Brazilian mythical characters. Greek mythical characters. Good people. People who aren’t so good.

Artistic geniuses. Science geniuses. Trapeze artists. Lovers. People from other planets. Movie phenomenon.

Basically if you wee then you’re invited to do it!

Wee in the shower – save the atlantic forest.”

This is not the only eco campaign that endorses urinating. The Pee Outside organisation is dedicated to this environmentally-friendly activity, promoting a “Pee Outside day” once a year.

pee outside

In a similar vein, an ad by China’s Greenfamily Youth Association of Environment Protection a couple of years ago, compared polluted water to poo. The aim was to incite environmental caution through psychological or physical aversion and highlight unsanitary Chinese habits that contribute to pollution.

one to ponder chinese poo


Thanks to Matilda Kay for this story. Matilda comes from a long line of eco warriors.


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