Real-Life Superheroes

Cities around the world are becoming safer places thanks to a growing cult of real-life superheroes. No longer the fantasy of comic book pages, individuals now roam the streets in do-gooder guises. In Minneapolis, Razorhawk is a mysterious masked guardian by night and middle-aged insurance salesman by day. Over in London, AngleGrinderMan is on a mission to fight the injustice of wheel-clamping, speed cameras and CCTV. When not saving the world our heroes can be found on MySpace.

‘It’s interesting how prominent a role 9/11 has played in the lives of real-life superheroes,’ says Ben Goldman, co-founder of Superheroes Anonymous, an online community of real-life superheroes. ‘The term “real-life superheroes” became mainstream to refer to the firefighters who died. I wouldn’t be surprised if this prompted the phenomenon.’

In the city of Indianapolis, Mr Silent roams the streets of the city looking for those in distress and assures local citizens that if they are being mugged or hurt in any way he will do his best to prevent it. ‘I don’t have any powers, obviously, but I think in society today there are so many people emulating criminals, like gangsters, I wanted to give them another option,’ says Mr Silent.

‘Superheroes embody supreme individualism,’ says Goldman. ‘At heart, this movement is a search for identity. Until we reach the point of human perfection, we’ll continue to dress up as a vision of our ideal self.’

More real-life superheroes here.

We just found this funny:

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Superheroes Anonymous, The magazine; Imagination building, Wallpaper*

Thanks to Neil Bennett for this story. Neil’s latest purchase was four all-in-one silver space suits.


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