Do Lectures


What links the mountaineering dustman of Everest base camp, Channel 4’s education commissioner, and a techie who is creating clothing that knows when you are in love? The Howies Do Lectures, a brilliant example of brand philanthropy in action. Every year, Howies volunteers to pay an ‘Earth Tax’ to balance the cost of its impact on the planet’s resources. In 2008, Howies decided to use this money to set up The Do Lectures. Modelled on TED, this 4-day conference brings together some of the world’s most inspiring doers to deliver their manifestos to an audience of business, media, entrepreneurs and the public who all want to make the world a better place. Although only 70 people could attend the live event, it is hoped that the podcasts (on iTunes) of all 20 talks will reach 1million people online.

Thanks to Lucy Johnston for this story. Lucy has a phobia of bananas.


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