Objects of Co-Dependency

shoes for one to ponder main image

We’ve just discovered a daft but dreamy up-and-coming artist called Keetra Dean Dixon. (If you like The Virgin Suicides, Charles Anastase and Lula magazine, you’ll love her work). Her latest project Just Between You and Me, transforms functional items designed to be used by one person into dysfunctional romantic “objects of co-dependency”. These include a lung cancer-friendly fag entitled ‘Every Breath You Take’; two pairs of ‘Just keeping an eye on you’ conjoined glasses; and our favourite, tandem shoes, which she calls ‘I’ve got your back’.

Just between me and you
balloons one to ponder blog

Every breath you take

An unexpected spark

Significant Spooning

Just keeping an eye on you

I could talk to you forever

In your eyes
binocular things

Thanks to sarah rabia for this story. sarah wants to make friends with Keetra Dean Dixon. She really likes this quote by the artist: “I have an odd relationship with my settings. I have a crush on this lamp post – I SWEAR it flirts with me – flickering occasionally as I walk by. I am sure it affections are not only mine, but this is a comfort. I hope the fluttering light brings a flush to someone else’s cheek. Blushing is pure joy.”

lamp post


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