How Kids see Technology

how kids see tech image

Children are growing up with a different understanding of everyday technology and innocently renaming devices. Laptops are referred to as ‘phones’ by many kids who have never known a world without Skype (which has 246million users). A TV was called ‘music’ by one child because his Mum plays music to him through an Apple TV box (as observed by trend bigwig Piers Fawkes). Other anecdotal evidence we have collected includes a 5-year-old girl who, having grown accustomed to Sky+ when watching the football at home, asked her Dad if they could pause a live match so she could go to the loo. Perhaps the next generation won’t refer to mobiles as ‘phones’, but as computers or MP3 players, because that’s how they are generally used. And in that case, might iPods become the new TVs as they become a more common way of broadcasting? The convergence of technology and digital divide might mean different ways of marketing and naming the same product to different audiences.


Thanks to Sara Tate for this story. Sara’s mum still doesn’t understand what a strategist does. She thinks Sara does the voiceovers.


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