Live Fashion

There is a generation of young people whose fashion inspiration is coming entirely from the internet. They see fashion shows and shoots streamed live, read collection reports uploaded moments after the shows have finished, discuss them in web forums, and buy clothes online before they even get to the shops. Their experience of fashion is instant access and live. This is what SHOWstudio has set out to explore with the new Fashion Revolution exhibition, the highlight of the show being a live fashion shoot by Nick Knight. “We are in the midst of a revolution in fashion imagery,” he says. “Moving away from illustration and stills photography, we are now entering the restless world of interactive, self-created, digital-imaging: accessible, downloadable and constantly changing.”

My Wonderful World of Fashion, by illustrator Nina Chakrabarti is a really dear colouring in and activity book for fashionistas. As well as being a lovely book of illustrations in itself. There are pages which show you how to turn a napkin into a headscarf Grey Gardens-style, a game to match pairs of cowboy boots, and how to make a tiara from some twigs. It’s very Katie McKay.


Thanks to Lucy Johnston for this story. Lucy wants a pair of digitally enhanced shoe-boots with in-built camera.


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