Go Teddy!

Teddy On The Go is a quirky Kuwait-based photoblog showing the daily antics of a stuffed bear as he spends a year travelling around the country. Garden gnomes and Barbie dolls might have been taken round the world before, but we’re still fascinated by the life of Teddy B, who is fired out of canon one day, and befriending the police the next. Fans have adopted the bear as a “blank slate,” using it to ponder their own lives and as a reflection of local issues. The blog casts a new light on Kuwait, with Teddy travelling across ethnic, social, and spatial boundaries. The project also proves that there is an active audience in a region deemed to have low Internet involvement. Follow Teddy here.

Go Teddy!

Thanks to Matt Hardisty and Ellie for this story. Ellie’s favourite bear doesn’t have a nose anymore because she loved him too much.



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